Early Morning Light

Early Morning Light

Howdy folks, the year has started out very busy. But not busy enough to take photos of the pre dawn light over the islands. I love following the changing light in the morning.

Brian Holaway

I have been a Shelling Guide to Cayo Costa State Park since 1995. Many people know me as the Shelling Guide and Captain with Captiva Cruises over the past 20 years. In 2016 I began solely offering private small boat charters to the islands of Pine Island Sound including Cayo Costa State Park, Cabbage Key, Useppa Island, Pine Island and North Captiva. I am a certified Florida Master Naturalist, licensed USCG Captain, avocational photographer, seashell enthusiast and passionate about the history, people and culture of Southwest Florida, especially Cayo Costa. I volunteer as a member of Friends of Cayo Costa State Park and have great respect for the heritage of Cayo Costa. My goal is to provide guests with an overall experience and appreciation for the waters, islands, shells, plants, marine life, wildlife, history and people of this unique area of Southwest Florida.

  • Kathy H
    Posted at 12:55h, 14 January

    Beautiful photos. It is certainly uplifting to look at the tranquility of the water , especially when it has been so cold and snowy / icy here in the Baltimore-Washington area lately. Thanks for posting those pictures.

  • Capt. Brian Holaway
    Posted at 03:21h, 15 January

    Kathy, You are welcome. It was one of those mornings. I took over a hundred photos of the changing light. The smell and feeling of sliding over the water on that morning with my camera was strong.

  • Cindy Senkar
    Posted at 21:39h, 15 January

    Captain Brian, what gorgeous photos. I wish we could have stayed a few more days. Our next will need to start in the early morning hours. Until then, please keep posting your photos.

  • Gail Douglas
    Posted at 12:51h, 17 January

    So gorgeous! I love the sense of total tranquility! Thanks for the pictures!

  • Nancy
    Posted at 04:46h, 19 January

    I would love to have "one of those mornings" next time we come down. Gorgeous photos, Brian!

  • Shelllady
    Posted at 23:35h, 23 January

    BEAUTIFUL pictures Capt. Brian….Thank you for sharing them with us!! You are an amazing photographer!

  • Capt. Brian Holaway
    Posted at 23:40h, 23 January

    Thank you Shelllady. I hope to have some for sale around the island soon. I debuted my first photo for sale today at Cayo Costa.

  • Kathy H
    Posted at 07:43h, 24 January

    Hi Capt Brian. Congrats on starting to sell your awesome photography. Do you think you will sell any online, too?

  • Capt. Brian Holaway
    Posted at 12:45h, 24 January

    Kathy, I will be selling it online. I will let you know when that happens.

  • Nancy
    Posted at 23:54h, 26 January

    So exciting, Captain Brian!!!!! I know someone who would be willing (and able) to work in your Gallery on Sanibel once it is open 🙂

  • Eve
    Posted at 11:25h, 02 February

    Beautiful photographs, Brian! The transition of colors in the clouds is amazing to see. Thanks for sharing!